Logistics and canteen

Flexible contents

To ensure healthy and high-quality food for the film crew, while minimizing waste production.


  • Avoid plastic bottles at all cost and choose one of the following combinations:
    - Use tap water if available,
    - Use water coolers,
    - Use reusable containers (flasks, glasses, cups),
    - Use compostable cups; their prices are similar to the plastic version.

  • Ask the canteen service not to use individual paper or plastic lunchboxes; instead order a self-service arrangement.
  • Choose reusable and/or compostable crockery and cutlery; specify this in the contract with the canteen service.
  • Choose a canteen that has initiated a sustainable procedure, requesting as a minimum fresh, local and seasonal produce, which is often tastier and cheaper.
  • Make use of organic food trucks and think about vegetarian meals.
  • Buy fresh, local and seasonal produce (fruit, vegetables, confectionery, cakes, etc.).
  • Preferably choose organic and/or fairtrade produce (coffee, tea, fruit and vegetables, biscuits, etc.).
  • Avoid “bad sugars”: offer natural drinks to replace fizzy drinks and dried fruit (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, apricots, figs, etc.) to keep the crew’s energy levels up in a healthy manner (preferably organic).

4. Produits de la table régie

Things to remember
In order to remove water bottles and plastic glasses from film locations, screen.brussels film commission is distributing flasks
free of charge.

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