The support provided by the Brussels-Capital Region for businesses and professionals in the audiovisual sector, plus expertise and advice for their continued growth.

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Helping your business grow

The Brussels-Capital Region offers consistent support and expertise tailored to all professionals working in the audiovisual sector. Benefitting from the network of international expertise offered by, the cluster is a key contact for your company’s economic growth.


Our missions

  • Individual and collective support and advice in various fields (legal, finance, marketing, etc.)
  • Group training
  • Networking
  • Events that provide help with finding new clients and partners in Belgium and abroad.

Who can we help?

From content creation to distribution and other services, the cluster supports anyone working in the audiovisual sector (in a broad sense) or in the related fields of video clips, podcasts, video games, etc.

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In addition to providing this specific support and advice, can help you search for public and private funding that you can request from the Brussels-Capital Region or other organisations, such as:

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  • finance&
    As a public interest company, finance& facilitates and completes the chain of funding value-creating businesses in Brussels. It provides specific solutions to the financial needs of business owners in the form of loans, equity investments or guarantees. This service is aimed at start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs (investments between €100,000 and €5 million), as well as microbusinesses, social enterprises and cooperative enterprises (investments between €5,000 and €150,000).
    Innoviris is the public organisation that funds and supports research and innovation in the Brussels-Capital Region. It co-finances research and innovation projects in small and large companies. 
  • Brussels Economy and Employment
    Brussels Economy and Employment aims to develop the economy and sustainable employment in the Brussels-Capital Region. Its services are primarily aimed at companies and professionals in order to support their sustainable economic development and provide support to those creating jobs in the Brussels-Capital Region.
  • ST’ART Invest
    The public investment fund ST’ART aims to promote and develop the creative industries sector in Brussels and French-speaking Belgium. Depending on the needs and the nature of the investments, ST’ART can offer loans, equity investments or act as a guarantor.

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