Fund request

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Fund requests sent to the fund are done exclusively online. They must be submitted during a session, no later than 5 p.m. (Brussels time) on the submission date. Requests can be made in French, Dutch or English.

Who can submit a request?

Requests can only be submitted by a producer on behalf of a production company established as a commercial company, based in Belgium for at least one year.  In the case of an international co-production, please contact a Belgian producer. 

In concrete terms, before you start, you must verify that:

  • You have a profile in the database and your activity is ‘Producer’ (or one of the sub-categories)
  • The production company you represent also has a complete profile (including bank details)
  • The lead producer for the request is in the database  
  • The two profiles are linked in the database (my account/my companies or my relations) 

Before starting your request

Remember that fund requests are examined only if a minimum number of criteria are met, such as: 

  • You have met at least four of the cultural criteria
  • You have obtained the minimum level of funding (feature film, series (more than 10 minutes per episode) documentary and animation: 50%, special formats (XR, audio, video games) and series of less than 10 minutes per episodes : 60%),
  • You are spending at least the minimum amount of funds in the Brussels-Capital Region (feature film, series (more than 10 minutes per episode), and animation : €250,000, documentary  and special formats (XR, video games etc.): €75,000, series of less than 10 minutes per episode : €45,000, audio formats : 30,000€)
  • Please read the complete rules and regulations

We strongly advise requesting parties to contact the fund before submitting a request.

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