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Producer Associations



V.O.F.T.P. is a professional association that aims to promote the economic and commercial interests of independent producers of Flemish films and television.


 The UPFF is the historical producer association in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

Associations of technical service providers


The UB&BV is a Brussels-based professional association that brings together and aims to defend the interests of film and audiovisual service providers.

The non-profit association VOTF unites companies and freelancers within the audiovisual sector.
It wants to join forces and defend its points of view in decision-making in the media sector in its broadest sense.

Creative associations

The Association des Réalisateurs et Réalisatrices Francophones is a Belgian professional association created in 2002 under the Honorary Presidency of André Delvaux. It now has nearly 200 members working in the fields of cinema, television and the web. The ARRF strives to promote the work of its member directors, to defend their artistic and moral freedom and to ensure that their professional, social, economic and cultural interests and rights are respected. The Association is also a place for exchange, information and solidarity, aiming to forge links between filmmakers.


ARPI: the Association of Independent Directors-Producers, is a French-speaking Belgian professional union of directors who produce or co-produce their own films themselves in a logic where the cultural and artistic dimension is the finality; the economic dimension, however, requires all the necessary attention and rigour both at the level of production and distribution.

The aim of the non-profit association Union of Regisseur (UVR) is to unite, inform, represent and defend independent, professionally active directors of fiction, documentary and animation from Flanders and Brussels and to defend their interests in the audiovisual sector and at policy level. 


Scenaristengilde vzw

The Scenaristengilde  is the professional and interest group of all scriptwriters in Flanders. We stand up for the rights of the screenwriter, organize workshops, lectures and debates and events where screenwriters can meet each other.  We also speak out when negotiating with author associations, the VAF, the Mediafonds, the Federation of Screenwriters in Europe(FSE), film festivals, etc.

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L’ASA (Association des Scénaristes de l’Audiovisuem-Belgique) is a group of screenwriters.

flanders doc

Flanders Doc is the platform of the documentary sector in Flanders.

The Belgian Society of Cinematographers

The SBC works towards the following goals:

1 – Promoting the work of the D.O.P;
2 – Participating in manifestations, commissions, meetings, etc… related to
3 – Education, creativity, distribution, reproduction and archiving the cinematographic image;
4 – Protecting the recognition of the D.O.P. as author of the cinematographic image.


Comé is a reference site for professional actors and artists from the world of audiovisual (cinema & television) and performing arts (theatre, dance, street arts), in Belgium. Adapted to both the actor and the casting director, and thanks to relevant and rich partnerships, the site encourages the creation of links and artistic exchanges between all the professions in the sector, thus mobilising an active community of more than a thousand members, artists, institutions, production structures...

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Belgian Visual Effect Society

BVX, the Belgian Society for Visual Effects Professionals

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FLEGAthe official Flemish Games Association supports the Flemish games industry as a whole.

Cultural Funds


The Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF) is the cultural public funding body of Belgium's Flemish Community.


The main purpose of the Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel is the support and promotion of audiovisual works.

Social Funds

SMart offers you realistic answers and administrative, legal, fiscal and financial advice. Moreover, we offer training and tools to simplify and legalise professional activities in the creative industry.


The main objective of Mediarte is to encourage, support and stimulate all initiatives related to training, education and employment in the audiovisual sector.

Regional Funds


Screen Flanders was launched in April 2012 by the government of Flanders as a new economic support measure for audiovisual works. Besides this, Screen Flanders is also the central film commission for the Flanders Region (previously known as Location Flanders).

Wallimage is a public limited company, created by the Walloon Region. It is a purely economical fund which supports audiovisual productions and enterprises. The Mons-based company employs six people and acts as an advisory and investment company which analyses bids for its subsidiaries Wallimage Coproductions and Wallimage Entreprises. These subsidiaries invest in films and in companies, respectively.

 International Promotion Agency

Created in 1990, Flanders Image is the audiovisual export agency for Flanders and Brussels, Belgium. It is in charge of the promotion of Flemish audiovisual creations abroad and is the sole official representative of Flanders cinema at all key international festivals and markets.

Created in 1984, Wallonie Bruxelles Images (WBImages) is the official agency for the promotion of broadcasting of the Federation Wallonia Brussels abroad.

Collecting society

Sabam is the Belgian Association of Authors, Composers and Publishers.

The SACD is a society of authors, a not-for-profit, non-trading company founded by authors, that united with Beaumarchais in 1777 to defend their rights. Its missions have developed over the years, but the values it defends remain the same and are now as relevant as ever.

deAuteurs is a Belgian collective management organization founded on 2011, with as its main goal representing Dutch speaking authors.  

Municipalities in Brussels

Anderlecht (1070) with 17,74 km², is one of the largest municipalities, as well as a decidedly green one.

Auderghem (1160) can boasts over 1/3 of natural areas, often of historical interest as well (Soignes forest, castles, priories, parks…).

Berchem-Sainte-Agathe (1082) preserves some countryside around the historic former centre with its church and around the Allée Verte, while having a more modern centre.

Brussels-city (1000) is the largest municipality in the Capital region, as well as the most accommodating for filming. The famous Grand Place and historic centre can be found in its territory.

Etterbeek (1040) having grown significantly in the 19th century, the municipality is home to numerous residential areas with tall, ornate facades typical of Brussels architecture.

Evere (1140) is mostly notable for its cemeteries (Schaerbeek, Brussels and, of course, Evere).

Forest (1190) has a mixed landscape: in the west, industrial and commercial areas, in the east, green areas and parcs.

Ganshoren (1083) between marshes, countryside and large turn-of-the-century avenues, this municipality also houses a castle and several parks.

Ixelles (1050) is a multi-faceted municipality, home to European institutions as well as a University and an interesting Art-Nouveau heritage.

Jette (1090) is split between a recent architectural heritage in the South and a sparsely built, greener area in the North.

Koekelberg (1081) despite counting only 1,17km², Koekelberg is not lacking in interest, with the famous Sacred-Heart Basilica.

Molenbeek-Saint-Jean (1080) is a young, culturally diverse and dynamic municipality with a rich industrial heritage due to its proximity to the canal.

Saint-Gilles (1060) is a small but cosmopolitan municipality home to a rich and varied Art Nouveau heritage.

Saint-Josse-Ten-Noode (1210) is both the smallest municipality in the Region and the most densely populated.

Schaerbeek (1030) is one of the largest municipalities with a wide variety of landscape types. The One of its biggest parks, Josaphat Park, can be found right in the middle of large, mansion-lined avenues.

Uccle (1180) surrounded by greenery, such as the Soigne Forest or the Bois de la Cambre, the municipality offers many neighbourhoods of detached houses and villas.

Watermael-Boisfort (1170) is a famous cinema location, with the lovely Logis Floréal “garden-city”.

Woluwe-Saint-Lambert (1200) is home to a large part of the beautiful Green Promenade that surround the Region.

Woluwe-Saint-Pierre (1150) has about 20% of its territory devoted to green areas. Many scenes have been filmed with travelling-cars on the majestic avenue de Tervuren.

International Coorperation



CinEuro is a unique cross-border cooperation initiative in Europe. It brings together for the first time numerous organisations responsible for supporting the film and audiovisual industry in the Far East (France), Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.
More info on the website and Facebook page