Waste management

Flexible contents

To apply the 4 “R”s! Refuse (say no to what you don’t really need), Reduce (waste), Reuse (rather than throw away), Recycle (what can’t be reused, lent or put to another use).

  • Place bins and sorting labels on the film location (paper/ cardboard, drinks cartons, cans and plastic bottles, glass,
  • lamps, batteries, etc.).
  • Dispose of large non-reusable and non-recyclable materials in dumps.
  • Beforehand and regularly during filming, inform the crew of the waste action plan in place: sorting, waste reduction and access to dumps. Make use of crew lunches and/or meetings.
  • CO2 - Account for the volume of waste noting the number of rubbish sacks and containers used during filming.
  • Sort and transport any special and/or hazardous waste to dumps.

Tri des déchets

Things to remember
The filming office for the Brussels Region, screen.brussels film commission, will help you with waste management.
Contact them to:
- Obtain 80-litre all-purpose sacks specifically for filming: «Bruxelles-Propreté» will come and collect them based on a form to be completed 10 days in advance.
- Obtain a free access badge to regional dumps (with a € 150 deposit).
- Receive sorting labels.
- Receive “Gobi” flasks in order to eliminate water bottles and plastic glasses.

List of contacts: