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To limit polluting emissions and waste of energy resources as much as possible, and to make financial savings.


  • When the local supply is sufficiently powerful and reliable and if filming is taking place over several days on the same set, connect to the existing electricity network (find out about this when looking for sites).
  • Turn off the generator at night and during assembly as well as during lunch or stoppages of more than 30 minutes.
  • Look for companies that hire environmentally friendly generators that limit energy consumption, reduce noise and petrol consumption.
  • Preferably use renewable energy sources (e.g. green energy supply, autonomous solar kits for recharging batteries).
  • If possible, it is obviously best to limit the use of artificial light by using natural light as much as possible.
  • Avoid incandescent or halogen lighting systems, which are costly from an environmental and a financial point of view.
  • As an alternative, use exclusively LED lighting equipment. Or use a combination of LEDs and fluorescent lamps, or exclusively fluorescent lamps.

Things to remember
When used for the same amount of time, incandescent systems consume on average 90% more than LED systems and 60% more than fluorescent lamps.

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