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Eye-Lite Group is a sale and rental company dealing with Camera /lighting /power generator/trucks & vans equipment.

Our last babies are Eye-Lite Aerial (drone shootings with Alta for Red and Alexa Mini as well as DJI X7 solutions) and Eye-Lite Virtual Reality (we have the only one Stereoscopic VR camera Z Cam V1 in Europa).

The group offers also studio facilities  in Liège ans Paris as well as a sales boutique for expendables and material.

The main location is  Brussels but Eye-Lite is also present in Liège / Antwerpen / Paris / Strasbourg / LaRochelle / Lille and Casablanca.

Eye-Lite has hundreds of references in Long Features Films, Commercial and Television Films.

Last but not least, being part of B Live Group since 2018 gives us the opportunity to reinforce our "Pursuit of Excellence" positionning on an international basis with strong regional identities.

Projects made in Brussels

La belge collection, Vol.1
A collection of short films created to raise the profiles of a group of young Belgian actors.
La dernière tentation des Belges
Feature film
A comedy-drama about a Jan, a father who wants to save his daughter, Marie. She wants to end her life by jumping off a cliff and he is determined to...
2_Jérémie Renier et Alma Jodorowsky ("L'ennemi" de Stephan Streker)_cover web
The Enemy
Feature film
Prominent politician Louis Durieux is accused of having murdered his wife, found dead in their hotel room. The case blows up into an intense media...
Feature film
After the resounding success of his first novel ‘Inexorable’, Marcel Bellmer never really managed to deal with success. Years later and after a...





  • Filming
    • Filming equipment rental
    • Virtual reality equipment rental
    • Aerial photography/Drone equipment rental
  • Electrical/rigging team
    • Rigging rental
    • Electrical/Lighting equipment rental
  • Technical advice
  • Specialised advice


  • Fiction
  • Documentary
  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Stop motion animation
  • Interactive
  • Gaming
  • Virtual reality
  • Corporate/Advertising
  • News
  • Non-scripted
  • Education
  • Sport
  • Web series
  • Event
  • Musical clip
  • Ride

Office address

Boulevard Général Wahis, 16F
1030 Schaerbeek
info [at]


+32 2 702 16 00


Communication/Marketing : Arnaud Boucher
Sales : Arnaud Boucher