Fil info - Covid-19 & the AV sector (version May 2020)

Last update: Wednesday 27 May 2020

Here you will find the various support measures deployed specifically for the audiovisual sector. This information will be updated regularly and we would be grateful if you could send us your own contributions at 

Official provisions

In light of the current health measures decided on by the National Security Council, the special provisions and support measures are as follows:


Support for businesses and employees from the cluster


➡️ View the 1819 website

The information you will find there includes:

Our teams are also working on:

  • Ongoing monitoring of the crisis’s impact on the Brussels audiovisual sector

  • Reporting this information to the Brussels government

  • Facilitating networking between audiovisual technicians and freelancers and other event-based sectors in order to meet workforce requirements.

Filming - film commission

  • Location scouting can be done during the lockdown, provided that the current health measures are followed. Please contact for more details.

  • iority will be given to projects which were already underway prior to the start of the lockdown and to a lesser extent, to projects with short preparation times (advertisements, video clips, short films)

  • The anticipation of resuming activities will reflect the possibility of a flood of requests and shoots.

  • For the latest on the situation, see' website

Funding of companies – finance&

  • St'art invest (of which finance& is a shareholder)  has implemented special measures relating to the moratorium on current loans and an emergency cash-flow loan: more info

Financement des contenu - fund

For projects already approved by the fund and affected by the health crisis, the measures in place are designed to:

  •  Show adaptability in analysing project expenditure and in expenditure submission deadlines whenever possible.

  • Maximise quick payment of the first advances upon receiving the agreements from the February session which producers have yet to submit to us. Since January 2020, no less than 80% of our investment amount was paid as soon as the agreement was signed.

For projects submitted for the fund’s upcoming sessions in 2020 and 2021:

  • Show adaptability in evaluating the ratio between the amount of investment applied for and the structuring audiovisual expenditure in the Brussels-Capital Region.

  • More than ever, ensure the soundness of the funding plan in order to invest in projects which guarantee the appropriate payment of the various contributors and the purpose of which is ensured.

  • Maximise quick payment of the first advances upon receiving the agreements (see above).

  • Reorganise the calendar for the 2020 and 2021 sessions, should the producers’ federations request it.

  • Deploy a long-term recovery strategy in coordination with other audiovisual funding bodies in Belgium and Europe.



Various initiatives have already been taken jointly by the VOFTP and UPFF producers’ federations as well as by a taskforce of tax shelter intermediaries comprising Tax, Fortis Film Fund, Belga, Casa Kafka, Belga and Inver Invest.

In short, the current requests are as follows:

  • Extending expenditure backdating measures to 12 months for both Audiovisual and Performing Arts.

  • Change to the relative exemption threshold from 50% to at least 68% for the 2020 and 2021 financial years as a minimum.

  • Exemption granted for payments by investors, from three to six months.

(New) Download here the UB&BV policy note about the impact of the COVID19 on the technical audio-visual industry (fr/nl)

(New) Recent article over new dispositions regarding the tax-shelter system (fr): read more



General guidelines to prevent Covid-19 at work

The trade unions and employers' organisations, in collaboration with the FPS Employment, have published a generic guide detailing the future post-deconfinement measures:

FR -

NL -


Vlaamse Gemeenschap initiatives:

Cultuurloket is funded by the VG, it implements:  

  • a special corona line for legal and commercial advice: 02 534 18 24

    Lawyers and advisors are available Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm to answer questions.
  • webinars on the impact of the Crown on artists (measures for the self-employed, temporary unemployment, etc.).

More information here (nl)

VAF initiatives: 

CCA/FWB initiatives: 


  • For technical teams: info
  • Managing the emotional burden: info
  • (New) CP 227 specific Covid-19 guidelines in French and Dutch 



De Auteurs

Video games


Overview of sector at European level

View the measures and events on the Cineuropa website 


Overview of the belgian cultural sector