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Ma mère est folle

Feature film

Nina is a fanciful woman who is enthusiastic and often out of control. She has done everything in her life, but has made nothing of her life. She has not learned anything, except that she needs to be free and not count on anyone. Even if she manages to get out of it again, this time, things are more difficult. She is debt-ridden and on the verge of losing the house of her youth, her only asset. One day in the subway, she discovers a singer who is half homeless, half artist, whose album she wants to produce.

Faced with her disastrous financial situation, Emir the singer suggests taking a trip to Amsterdam and bring back some cannabis that he will resell.

Unaware but determined, Nina gets caught up in a whirlwind by bringing with her a small abandoned migrant that Emir entrusted to her in the hopes that his presence will allow her to avoid the police and the border guards.

Her trek to Amsterdam is also an excuse to try renew her ties with her son Antoine who lives there, having escaped his overbearing mother at the time.

This is a road movie that crosses through Belgium, stops in Brussels, and will bring them to Amsterdam. During this absurd and amusing adventure, Nina will realise that she missed her son who she does not know very well. She will notice that she has missed a lot of things in her life: being a mother, her romantic life and maybe even her life altogether.

She will understand that the essential part was in the link she was not able to create with her son.

But maybe it's not too late, Antoine and his mother will learn to love again for good.

Diane Kurys (FR)
Sacha Sperling (FR)
Pietro Caracciolo (FR)
Jules Rotenberg (BE)
Karim Barras (BE)
Quentin Minon (BE)
Roda Fawaz (BE)
François Neycken (BE)
Vianney (FR)
Fanny Ardant (FR)
Arielle Dombasle (FR)
Patrick Chesnais (FR)
Brussels based companies:
Release date:
December 2018
Amount invested by the fund:
€80000 (April 2018)
Percentage of total budget:
Filming in Brussels:
17 / 30days
film commission



Diane Kurys (FR)

Release date


Amount invested by the fund

€80.000 (April 2018)

Percentage of total budget