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Alexandre Dumas

Feature film
1 x 90min
Alexandre Dumas.png

Alexandre Dumas is one of the most prolific writers of his time, thanks to his exceptional sense of romanticism. At the heart of a true ‘novel workshop’ reinventing the history of France, he is the ‘showrunner’ of his soap opera factory, pouring his energy into larger-than-life characters and situations often taken from his own experience. His sense of story and narrative structure creates cliff hangers, forcing readers to come back tomorrow. In this sense, he is one of the inventors of the modern series. By way of interviews, presentations, feature-film excerpts and series as well as an audio recreation, this documentary shows the life of a brilliant epicurean and author who has enchanted generations of readers with The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo, which have become human heritage. Between fiction and reality, isn’t Dumas himself hiding in one of his novels?

Production (BE):
Brussels technicians:
Release date:
December 2020
Amount invested by the fund:
€15000 (September 2020)
Number of episodes:
Filming in Brussels:
22 / 30days
Production days in Brussels:
15 / 50days

Production (BE)

Release date


Amount invested by the fund

€15.000 (September 2020)