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At the heart of Brussels, the birthplace of innovation and creativity, lies Hamham Brussels, a leading company in motion design, graphic design, interactive 3D, and visual effects for cinema, national television, and the internet. Hamham Brussels is more than just a digital production company; it is a trusted partner for major global agencies and a valuable resource for clients who choose to work directly.

The team at Hamham Brussels has recently achieved a new milestone with the development of their first interactive 3D platform. Passionate about the advertising world, the company excels in creating advertising jingles and animated mascots.

With over 15 years of experience, Hamham Brussels has made an indelible mark on the Belgian audiovisual landscape. They have produced jingles for three national channels, animations for several educational series, and recently created the opening sequence for the film "BAC +12" as well as the opening credits for a new series on RTBF called "Salle des Profs."

Hamham Brussels' portfolio includes an impressive range of renowned clients such as Kone, Voo, Bosch, Volkswagen, Toyota, Delta Lloyd, DVV, Thalys, Bol.com, Ferrero, Marcolini, RTBF, RTL Belgium, and many others.

Hamham Brussels invites you to explore its world of creativity and innovation. Whether you are looking to create a powerful advertising campaign, an educational animation sequence, or an interactive 3D platform, Hamham Brussels is ready to turn your ideas into reality.

To learn more about Hamham Brussels, visit their website or follow them on social media. There, you will discover a range of their work, testimonials from satisfied clients, images of their studio, and much more. Get in touch with Hamham Brussels today and let their creativity bring your projects to life.



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