Discover the municipalities: Koekelberg

Over the next few months, will be introducing you to the municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region. A possible source of inspiration for your next set?

Despite a surface area of only 1.17km², Koekelberg does not go unnoticed: it houses the famous Basilica of the Sacred Heart (commonly known as Koekelberg Basilica). The fifth largest church in the world, houses two museums within its Art Deco style walls and offers an exceptional panoramic view from an outdoor gallery under its dome.

Ideally located on the axis formed by Boulevard Léopold II, which enters the capital from Ghent and the coast, Koekelberg is home to a surprising chocolate heritage, which continues today with famous names such as Godiva or Frédéric Blondeel. But for those who love history and buildings full of character, it is the Belgian Chocolate Factory that is a must-visit. The former Victoria biscuit and chocolate factory that houses it is a fine example of industrial Art Nouveau, converted into housing and offices. A fountain in the shape of a futuristic cocoa pod pays tribute to this gourmet heritage.

The fountain lies on the Koekelberg nerve centre that is place Simonis. It opens up the perspective towards Elisabeth Park and, of course, the Basilica. Elisabeth Park is a magnificent green space, with undulating alleys, which houses a café, a kiosk, a playground, a pool, public benches, etc. all tuck away in the trees, making you forget the surrounding city. However, the avenues that border the park are anything but forgottable! The Avenue des Gloires Nationales and the Avenue du Panthéon are a succession of typical Brussels town houses, magnificently preserved and representative of the major architectural trends of the capital, from an assumed neoclassicism to Art Deco, Art Nouveau or English style inspirations.

Another district worth visiting is the one surrounding the Centre Sportif Victoria (located in a former cash register!) and the adjoining park. It has a Foyer made up of retro-style apartment buildings, a lively chocolate factory and streets that have both residential and commercial buildings. A stone's throw away, the town square with its amazing Art Deco and 1950s modernist town hall. Just opposite, Saint Anne's church dating from the 1990s, and in between, a monumental fountain. In the same district, several schools and nurseries offer a panorama of the architecture of the last two centuries, from Flemish Neo-Renaissance to contemporary architecture (passive and "green"). Also visible are Art Nouveau, Art Deco and modernist trends.

A quiet and dynamic municipality in the heart of the Brussels-Capital Region, Koekelberg is home to dozens of places that are full of potential: come and discover them!

Useful info for filming in Koekelberg
Timeframe: 6 weeks
     Filming: Free
     Parking: €60 for 20min + €3/min extra and €10/day for extra traffic sign
Be advised: Shooting in and around the Basilica requires permission from the Rector (priority is obviously given to ceremonies).