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Video voice overs

Online videos, promotional videos, product and training videos, human resource videos, websites, webinars, DVDs and YouTube. We’re used to getting information from a nearly endless source, so it only makes sense that customers do too.

Virtual Words offers native talent for voice overs, with a choice of male or female, age and presentation styles. Choose from off-screen or on-screen (dubbing) options. In cases with corporate or media interviews, we recommend a mixture of voice over and subtitling.



Ever been to the screening of a great foreign film? Chances are, you read the subtitles to understand the dialogue in your own language.

While it seems easy enough to transcribe and translate the actors’ lines, it is truly no easy feat. Not only are there many cultural references and innuendos to adapt, but you also have only a limited number of characters in which to do it. Who wants to speed-read through a movie...

From a feature-length film to 5-minute trailers and documentaries in 20 languages, we have dedicated teams who do just that. And somehow, they still make it look easy.

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