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Relike TV is a video social network where everyone is a TV. Relike TV was founded in 2011 by 3 friends with around 10 years experience each in the internet industry. The same year, Relike TV has been selected by Marck Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, as one of the 10 best video applications for the quality of its Facebook technology integration. Since then, the service has been revamped from scratch with a focus on the product design, video search engine, video discovery algorithms and scalability of servers. Recently, Relike TV has been selected as most promising start up at Websummit 2013, Dublin, IR.
RELIKE TV is a Facebook application that gives people the power to transform their video activity on Facebook into the best Social TV for their friends, fans and followers. It allows people to find & watch the best videos in their respective networks, starting by the videos they personally shared on Facebook. Positioned as the missing link between Youtube and Facebook, the objective of RELIKE TV is to merge the best features of both platforms to offer a new TV that you can turn on using your Facebook account.
RELIKE TV is more than a social media, it propose also an advertising solution called TV ADS. For brands and celebrities, TV ADS are the first advertising solution that can boost the performance of both their Youtube videos and Facebook fan page while creating a separate community of video influencers only on


Relike TV


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