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Prime Time is headquartered in Brussels, and fuses quality art films with prestigious international productions. The focus of this independent film production company is to finance and produce film projects with a creative vision. Prime Time continues to seek out innovative authors and storytellers, from acclaimed directors to first-time filmmakers.
Antonino Lombardo created Prime Time in 1987. Antonino is starting member and previous chairman of Flanders Image. He is also vice-president of the Flemish Filmproducers Union. As an EAVE graduate (1994), he was selected for PolyGran's Fastlane programme in 1997. Lombardo was also the Belgian co-production partner in Marleen Gorris'Antonia's Line (1995) which won the Best Foreign Language Academy Award in 1996. Prime Time's productions include Rosie (1998), Little Black Spiders (2012) by Patrice Toye an Someones Else's Happiness (2005), Unspoken (2008), Kid(2012) and Home (2016) by Fien Troch. He also co-produced films such as The Invader (2011) by Nicolas Provost, Ultranova (2004) and First the Last (2015) by Bouli Lanners, A perdre la raison (2012), Les chevaliers blancs (2015) and L'économie du couple (2016) by Joachim Lafosse, Winter in Wartime (2008) and Brimstone (2016) by Martin Koolhoven.



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Prime Time Audiovisual Entertainment and Communication



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