Imad Doughan


Imad Doughan is a Director & Filmmaker, who specialises in eye-catching and cutting edge CG editing and creation. Having worked with performance artists including Britney Spears, Kid Noize and Stromae, he has worked on music videos and live performances that include CG and video. In addition, he has done CG work and animation for multinational corporations including Coca Cola, Garnier, and Renault as well as created videos and publicity announcements for the EU’s Directorate General for Communications.


(2013 - Today) BLINKSIDE - Director & Filmmaker

  • Blinkside is an integrated collective of Art Directors, motion designers, illustrators, music designer and copywriters. We bring an innovative and creative response to our clients and business inquiries. We produces all types of films and commercials: marketing, institutional or educational. Projects are conducted by our integrated team to supervise each step from the artistic research to the storytelling, handling deadlines.

Our clients: Amnesty International, DELVAUX, AUDI, SKODA, RTL, AXA, BNP PARIBAS, Le Soir, Carrefour ...

Business or sector Motion Design Agency 


 (2013 - 2009) MINDTASTE STUDIO - Motion Designer & Director

  • 3d animation, compositing and editing for commercial, corporate and music video.

Our clients: European Commission (DG COMM, DG TRADE, DG REGIO), Arizona Film, RTL, Escapelabs, Project Two, Soupemedia, Darlings, Stomae, Amnesty Internationnal.

Business or sector Post Production Studio 


(2009 - 2010) Franco Dragone - Motion Designer

  • Video Content Design for The Britney Spears Circus World Tour 2009. 
  • Songs : Boys, Everytime, Oh Oh Baby and Toxic. 
  • Advertising for the Dragone’s KDO Show

Business or sector  Franco Dragone Entertainment Group.


 (2007 - 2009) DREAMWALL - Rendering Supervisor

  • Managing a 10 people’s team for 3D compositing, fx and rendering of the TV Show Bird’s Squad and Garfield & Cie.

Business or sector Animation Studio 


 (2005 - 2007) Keyline Film - Motion Designer

  • 3d animation, compositing and editing for advertising: Coca-Cola, Garnier, Renault, …

Business or sector Avertising Commercial 

Les projets made in Brussels

Imad Doughan


  • Administrateur,-trice de production
  • Directeur,-trice de production
  • Producteur,-trice
  • Producteur,-trice exécutif,-ve
  • Directeur,-trice de post-production
  • Monteur,-euse image
  • Sous-titrage
  • Superviseur,-euse post-synchronisation
  • Animateur,-trice 2D
  • Animateur,-trice 3D
  • Compositing
  • Coordinateur,-trice d'animation
  • Coordinateur,-trice de VFX
  • Motion Design
  • Producteur,-trice animation
  • Producteur,-trice VFX
  • Superviseur,-euse animation
  • Superviseur,-euse VFX
Équipe réalisation/auteur
  • Réalisateur,-trice
Conseil technique
  • Technicien,-ne effets spéciaux de plateau


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