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I am senior researcher at SMIT, Studies in Media, Innovation and Technology, a research group in Brussels that is part of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and imec. I am also working as impact analyst for Cardiff University. The media industry represents a significant set of sectors that are developing in fast pace. Driven by these changes entirely new sectors have emerged (e.g. computer games, social media) and the industry is growing enormously profiting and being challenged by the technological advancements. This makes the media industry not only very important for the economy and an interesting study object but this makes the sector especially divers and harder to grasp than ever. 

My research interest lies in how the media and AV industry copes with these developments and how cities and politicians are involved. The geography and networks of media players are especially relevant not only for academics but also for politicians from all kind of levels.

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Dr Marlen Komorowski


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