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The vertically-integrated Belga Films group consists of several entities, all active in the film industry in Belgium:

  • Created in 1937, Belga Films is the clear leader in independent film distribution in Belgium thanks to a ambitious line-up of mostly English-speaking films  (recent releases include Paddington II, La La Land, 12 Years a Slave, Sicario, The Hunger Games saga, Snowden. Past releases include Pulp Fictionthe Twilight saga, Crash, Babel and over 800 other films). In 2017, Belga seized 4 of the top 6 independently-distributed films and ranked 3th overall, ahead of 4 of the 6 majors
  • Belga Productions is the group’s company focusing on international co-productions for projects initiated internationally. It accompanies productions in Belgium from A to Z in all operational and financial aspects. In 2017, it served as the local producer for Thomas Vinterberg’s Kursk, one of the largest films ever produced in Belgium
  • Belga Films Fund is the group’s Belgian Tax Rebate (“Tax Shelter”) in-house fund currently riding the best ever launch in the system’s 15-year existence. In the last 3 years, it financed 25 projects for amounts from 50.000€ to over 5M€ per project. (

Belga Productions offers production solutions in Belgium while giving producers the opportunity to benefit from all the other facilities of the group. With direct access to annual multi-million financing via its in-house Tax Shelter fund, Belga Films Fund, and premium Benelux distribution backed by appealing MGs, Belga Productions produces 8 to 10 feature films , documentaries, animated films and TV series annually year with budgets ranging from €1 million to €50 million.


Les projets made in Brussels

Long métrage
Le film raconte la tragique fin du Kursk, le fleuron des sous-marins russes à propulsion nucléaire, et de son équipage dont les 140 membres périront...
Sprite Sisters
Long métrage
Lorsque Sky, la plus jeune des quatre sœurs Sprite, découvre qu'elle aussi a des pouvoirs magiques, les quatre éléments sont réunis : le feu, la...
Illustration danseuses
Quand Sébastien, le Directeur de la Danse, propose une retraite anticipée à Zoé danseuse étoile, elle refuse net. L’Opéra c’est sa maison, sa famille...
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Direction : Fabrice Delville
Opérationnel : Raphaëlle Schmitz
Opérationnel : Stephanie Debaste
Opérationnel : Gladys Brookfield-Hampson
Administration : Valeria Cremisi
Administration : Annie Laloy