Altitude100 Production


Altitude100 Production is a production house in Brussels created by Guillaume Malandrin, Stéphane Malandrin and Franco Piscopo.

Guillaume and Stéphane Malandrin are known as directors for 3 features films:

I’m dead but I have friends in /

Je suis mort mais j’ai des amis (2015) 

Hand of the headless man /

Où est la main de l’homme sans tête (2007) 

I don’t care if tomorrow never comes / 

Ça m’est égal si demain n’arrive pas (2006)

After twelve years of production experience for the company La Parti Production, where Guillaume Malandrin produced several feature films such as Hand of Headless Man, I don’t care if tomorrow never comes, or Komma by Martine Doyen, Aaltra by Benoît Delépine and Gustave Kervern, Kill me please by Olias Barco, he decided to create his own production house with his brother Stéphane Malandrin and Franco Piscopo.

Insyriated, a feature film by Philippe Van Leeuw, is presented in Berlinal 2017, Panorama.

Altitude 100 Production
Altitude100 Production


Siège d'exploitation

Rue Du Fort 109
1060 Saint-Gilles

T: +32 2 533 18 90