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François Verbeeren

Maïs Gâte Prod is a creative video production company.  We value talent and people ready to take risks in new approaches.

Our goal is to offer our clients innovative video content for corporate communication and TV entertainment.

We like to produce our own ideas as much as we like to take on fresh project from the outside.

With an expertise in sports, we offer our clients access to world class sportsmen to highlight their message.


André Buytaers

Studies of TV and Movie director in Belgium to the Institut des Arts de Diffusion (IAD) and journalism to the Institut de la Maison de la Presse in Brussels. Member of the Belgian SACD board ( author's collecting society - 2000 - 2013) Former president of the Belgian SACD - board (2009 - 2011) TV Director to the belgian public tv channel RTBF. Directing different cultural programs. Director in charge of "HEP TAXI" - weekly program on "RTBF - La trois".


Fabrice Warneck est FONDATEUR de INDEWO - In Defense of Workers- un entreprise visant à la promotion du droit du travail à travers les frontières. INDEWO a vocation a produire et réaliser des documentaires sur le progrès social en Europe et dans le monde. Les organisations syndicales sont un sujet privilégié de son travail de promotion.


Igor Pliner

From 2006 to 2014, Igor Pliner worked in real estate in Brussels, and was already interested in photography. Starting in 2014, he began collaborating as a Freelancer with the magazines Hockey People, Golf People and Art People. Just 1 year ago, Igor started a 2-year photographer training. His passion as well as the search for a strong sensation led him to make a report on the World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan (September 2016) where he made over a hundred superb shots.

Jerome Fabry

Diplômé de l’IAD en 1995, il travaille pour différentes structures de production et chaines de télévision, ainsi que dans l’événement (4J concept) avant de créer Zoom Production avec Olivier Guéret. Il continue à travailler régulièrement en télévision comme réalisateur, directeur artistique (RTLInfo) et producteur (Belgium’s Got Talent, Donovan magicien, Good News).

A l’aise partout, ce Spiderman de la production peut assurer tous les postes sans se sentir déstabilisé.


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