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Dancing Dog Productions

Dancing Dog Productions is a young company based in Brussels and interested into what's changing, hurting, improving and shaping our world. We produce on multi formats, from fiction ot documentary and new forms of narration (VR, AR, multi-support investigations) always keeping in mind that we want our content to have an impact on our society and equip viewers with a better-informed worldview.

Stefano Beccaletto

Computer Graphics Software Engineer from Italy.

Knowledge hunter that always try to improve his skills. Experience as a 3D Modeler with a basic knowledge of the technical aspects of rigging and skinning characters for animation.

Passionate about Videogames, Music, Movies VFX and Dance, aspiring Game Designer.

Love Arts in all its shape, I love to sing and dance, and in the free time, I like to act as Game Developer.

I'm always late but never too late!

My motto is: "Limits like fears are often just an illusion."


Depuis la fin de mes études en 2000, je travaille dans l'audiovisuel.

Je suis cadreuse sur des docus, du magazine ou du news.

En dehors de ça, je réalise, cadre et monte des projets vidéos pour des associations/asbl.

Je réalise également des projets personnels de docu. J'en ai un en cours !

Ce site n'est pas complet ! Je travaille dessus.


Ilinca Neagu

Filmmaker, producer and photographer, with a vast experience in TV and Advertising.

I have produced/directed episodes for National Geographic Explorer, shows for Netflix ("Travels With My Father" and "Rotten"), Channel 4 ("City Bakes", "Travel Man"), Travel Channel ("Delicious Destinations", "Xtreme Waterparks"), BBC ("Great Continental Railway Journeys") and TV5 Monde ("Tabous et Interdits", "La Vie en Quatre Temps"), amongst others.

Elisa Buccolini

creative multitasker | audiovisual

with10 years’ experience as:

Audio Visual communication Manager

Project Manager & Creative problem solver 



remi evrard da troa

Hi i'm film maker based in brussels.

Background in advertisign, music clip live video performer and video mapping.

From edditing to realisation and concept.

I have technical and creative skills 


Just contact me if you need more infomation

Lionel Callewaert

Après 3 années d'études à la HELB (diplômé en août 2017), je travailles désormais comme Caméraman pigiste chez BX1 et Alice Production. Ainsi que Chef Opérateur et Électro sur d'autres productions. 



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