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Chez Cartoonbase, nous créons des illustrations et des animations créatives et ingénieuses pour rendre vos projets plus clairs et engageants. Nous sommes votre partenaire de choix pour donner un supplément d’âme à vos visuels !


Martin Saive

Nous créons des illustrations et des animations créatives et ingénieuses pour rendre les projets de nos clients plus clairs et engageants.

Cartoonbase est un partenaire de choix pour donner un supplément d’âme aux visuels.

Alla-eddine benechrif

With more than 12 years of experience in the creative sector, I have successfully managed audiovisual and event projects in various reputable establishments in the UAE and Morocco, in fields such as advertising, sports, fashion, documentaries and architecture.
My qualification is based on a self-taught work as a dancer My experience of the stage has allowed me to develop with finesse the skills of staging, framing, rhythm, movement that I apply in my creations. This dynamic vision led me to film and digital graphics in 3D production.

Rosa Duvekot

I obtained a master's degree in Film Studies at the University of Antwerp. After my diploma, I worked as a researcher and line producer in the Netherlands for documentary production company mint film office on films such as WE MARGIELA and ’NOW SOMETHING IS SLOWLY CHANGING’.

In 2019-2020 I joined the European program Atelier Ludwigsburg-Paris to extend my knowledge of producing fiction films and international co-productions.

Since November 2021 I have been part of the A Private View team as a junior producer.


Walking The Dog is an independent production company and animation studio based in the centre of Brussels and in Genk, created by the two producers Eric Goossens and Anton Roebben.

After their successful career in CGI companies Little Big One and Trix they decided to set up their own company to concentrate more on the international artistically animated projects.

Walking the Dog focuses on three main activities:


Financing and co-financing national and international animated features

Arto Mangelschots

We combine technology and creativity, innovation and emotions to present new concepts, in new formats and for all devices.

We sculpt ideas.

We bring concepts to life.

We create winning realities.

We communicate your passion.


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