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For a Happy Life

Pour vivre heureux_1_©Tarantula
Feature film
Sarah, 17, of Algerian origin, lives alone with her father Karim. For the past couple of months, she has had a secret love affair with her best friend's brother, Mashir, 22, of Pakistani origin. Following a work accident, Mashir's uncle comes to...

Gangsta (Patser)

PATSER Adil El Arbi et Bilall Fallah © a team productions
Feature film
Adamo, a boy of Moroccan and Italian origin who lives with his uncle Farid in Antwerp, dreams of a life as 'bragger'. Together with his friends, he strives to achieve the luxury they see in videos. A life that is unattainable for them, as they are...

J'ai perdu Albert

J_ai_perdu_albert_© Angélus Productions
Feature film
Chloe is the most famous young medium in France. She decides private matters for the world’s leaders , chooses the CEOs of big companies as well as the next trends in fashion. Having a sound reputation in the industry, Chloe is however just a “...

Le milieu de l’horizon

Le milieu de l'horizon Delphine Lehericey
Feature film
It's the summer of 1976, Europe is experiencing heatwaves and droughts. In a modest agricultural family, Gus, a 13-year-old boy, notices that the weather doesn't only affect animals and harvests, but also the behaviour of the adults around him. His...


Feature film
The film tells the story of the tragic end of the Kursk, the flagship of Russian nuclear submarines and the death of its 140-member crew. While the Kursk participates in a naval exercise in the Barents Sea, a pressure build-up in the torpedo tubes...

Football made in Russia

Football made in Russia
Through the passion for football, this series of 30 episodes paints a portrait of modern day Russia. A snapshot that takes us from Saint Petersburg to Vladivostok by way of Lake Baikal, all places where we meet the locals who make Russia what it is...


Mourade Zeguendi - Champion
A reflection of our society, the world of football is rich and universal, the place where dreams become reality, as do nightmares. During the 90-minute length of a match, football brings people together and opposes them without distinction of social...

Er was eens

Er was eens © Didplodokus
'Er was eens' is a series of six documentaries on the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS) and the scientists working there. Approached from a philosophical angle, the series addresses all the aspects of fundamental research. Besides...

The Mercy of the Jungle

The Mercy of the Jungle © Néon Rouge Production
Feature film
In the jungle of Kivu in Congo, Sargent Xavier, a Rwandan war hero, and the young and inexperienced soldier Faustin are in enemy territory where they fight in an unclear war. When the two men lose their battalion, they end up alone and without the...


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