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T(w)o Work

This is a six-episode documentary series about newcomers trying to find decent jobs in Belgium at a time when a gobal crisis has redefined the concept of work.

Sticking Points

Feature film
Sticking points lets viewers discover the controversial universe of a world-renowned pickup artist and his disciples: men whose ultimate goal is to master and dominate the heterosexual game of seduction. The common thread is the double portrait of...

Sale Pute

Feature film
Journalists Florence Hainaut and Myriam Leroy have been harassed on the Internet for many years, and that’s still the case today. This film revolves around their personal history. Starting with their legal troubles, their upcoming court case against...


Feature film
Five countries, five major directors, a collective documentary tells the story of the pandemic in Europe through the eyes of an author.

Commises d'offices

Web series
A dive into the heart of emergency justice through the portrait of three young lawyers who do not choose their clients. Battling and always ready to take up the challenge, they are on call for criminal, youth, and psychiatric cases.

Alexandre Dumas

Alexandre Dumas.png
Feature film
Alexandre Dumas is one of the most prolific writers of his time, thanks to his exceptional sense of romanticism. At the heart of a true ‘novel workshop’ reinventing the history of France, he is the ‘showrunner’ of his soap opera factory, pouring his...

Les Grandes Vacances

School’s over. Summer drags on. Indien and Cowboy are bored. Watching an old pirate film wakes them up. They decide to build a ship and go on an adventure. However, the first try is a disaster. With the help of animals, they finally succeed in...


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