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To encourage the use of sustainable materials, to respect the film location, people’s health and to avoid waste.



1. Environmentally friendly and certified products

  • Use FSC-certified or equivalent wood and preferably local or European species. Avoid exotic wood.
  • Make a suitable choice of materials to avoid wasting supplies, to limit the amount of waste produced and to avoid the production of hazardous waste (choose environmentally friendly paints, adhesives and varnishes).
  • Use paints and varnishes with an environmental label (Ecocert, NaturePlus, Blue Angel, NF Environnement, European Ecolabel).
  • In general, ask suppliers about environmentally friendly materials.

2. Recycled or recovered materials

  • Preferably buy or borrow recycled or recovered materials, set-design elements, objects and costumes.

3. Modular set design

  • Design or hire modular set-design structures to facilitate the dismantling of elements at the end of their life and thus their reintroduction into another manufacture chain.

4. Upcycling of materials

  • Get in contact with local organisations and/or social economy enterprises that may be able to recover some materials (recycling centres, cultural associations, theatres, film schools, local councils, etc.).
  • Keep a record of the quantities of materials reused (copies of invoices and/or contracts and/or shipment documents and/or written understandings).

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