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Lola vers la mer
Feature film
  • Drama
18-year old Lola, with her bleached blond hair, is tearing along the streets of Brussels on a skateboard, on a sun-drenched summer’s day. She lives...
All of us ©W2
All of Us
Feature film
  • Comedy drama
The adventure of a self-help group made up of terminally ill patients, led by a life coach without any experience as such.
Feature film
  • Comedy
Emma, 43, and her ex-husband Victor, 44, are the parents of an adorable 14-year-old, Lila, bringing her up to be kind and caring in accordance with...
Feature film
To pull her son out of the violence and no longer able to watch idly by as he slowly disconnects, Sybille, 45, takes Samuel, 18, on a horseback...
Feature film
  • Thriller
Paul, 12, lives with his mother, a cleaner in a private clinic in the middle of the woods. In this clinic, Dr Loisel treats rich people afflicted...
Ma mère est folle
Feature film
  • Comedy
Nina is a fanciful woman who is enthusiastic and often out of control. She has done everything in her life, but has made nothing of her life. She has...
Musée de Tervuren © Simple Production
Totems et Tabous
Feature film
  • Documentary
  • Historical
The Royal Museum for Central Africa of Belgium is a large empty palace in the middle of renovations. On a column, we see a big 'L', which stands for...
Broken Art
Feature film
  • Documentary
Downtown Brussels, in the former headquarters of the Solvay firm, a monumental building scheduled to be demolished, the artist Denis Meyers is...
Zone Blanche
Zone Blanche, saison 2
  • Crime
Episode 9 : While Laurène finishes her recovery and nobody thinks that she’s back from the dead, the murder of one of the Stenier's drivers puts...
La Frontiere - Versus Production © Charles Paulicevich
Filles de Joie
Feature film
  • Drama
Filles de Joie tells the story of three women, during a summer heatwave, between the north of France and Belgium. Axelle, Conso and Dominique have...