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Boris Van der Avoort
Le Dormeur éveillé
Feature film
  • Documentary
B., a film-maker and insomniac, decides to rescue his hours of insomnia from the void by filming his quest for sleep. The insomniac asks questions...
une_vie_demente_3 ©Helicotronc
Une vie démente
Feature film
  • Comedy drama
Alex is thirtysomething, and his mother Suzanne is an elegant and charismatic woman in her sixties who runs a contemporary art centre in Brussels...
Damien Samedi © Michigan Films
Petit Samedi
Feature film
  • Documentary
This is the story of the daily struggles and little joys of Damien Samedi at the heart of a small Walloon village with incredible inhabitants. Stuck...
Feature film
  • Comedy
Emma, 43, and her ex-husband Victor, 44, are the parents of an adorable 14-year-old, Lila, bringing her up to be kind and caring in accordance with...
La Frontiere - Versus Production © Charles Paulicevich
Filles de Joie
Feature film
  • Drama
Filles de Joie tells the story of three women, during a summer heatwave, between the north of France and Belgium. Axelle, Conso and Dominique have...