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T(w)o Work
  • Documentary
This is a six-episode documentary series about newcomers trying to find decent jobs in Belgium at a time when a gobal crisis has redefined the...
Feature film
  • Drama
After his father’s death, Nassim, a 13 year old Moroccan boy from Molenbeek, is looking for an identity. His mother Leila anxiously tries to keep him...
grond_web ©VIER
  • Comedy drama
Any Muslim who decides to live in Belgium saddles their relatives with a delicate dilemma. Do we get buried here or in our country of origin? The...
Affiche Cool Abdoul
Cool Abdoul
Feature film
  • Biopic
  • Drama
Cool Abdoul is a biopic that traces the chaotic journey of Ismail Abdoul, a talented boxer who will do anything to succeed. Having made headlines in...
Black © Caviar
Feature film
  • Action
  • Drama
Mavela, a 15-year-old black girl, member of terrible youth gang the Black Bronx is torn between loyalty and love when she falls madly in love with a...