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Feature film
  • Other
This is Koffi, the exile. Fifteen years ago, he left for Europe to get a new start on life. He never got his degree, but he did find love in Selma...
Vizorek raconte Goethals
Feature film
  • Documentary
A l’occasion du centième anniversaire de la naissance de Raymond Goethals né le 7 octobre 1921 à Forest et peu avant le coup d’envoi de la Coupe du...
Les miennes
Feature film
  • Documentary
Why was I devastated when I learned I was going to have a daughter? In 1966, my parents got married in the Rif Mountains without ever having met. Two...
Cette nuit-là_© Thank you and Good Night productions
Cette nuit-là
Feature film
  • Documentary
Au lendemain de la défaite de Jean-Marie Le Pen à l’élection présidentielle française, le 7 mai 2002, Hendrik Vyt (79), militant raciste et d’extrême...
La belge collection vol 2
La Belge Collection Vol. 2
  • Other
After the great success of the first edition, 'La Belge Collection' is coming back with a new series of four 100% Belgian short films, funded in...
In the labyrinth of lies
  • Animated
In 1985, Paul is living in East Berlin, the capital of the GDR. He is staying with his grandmother Liese. Paul‘s parents had attempted to flee with...
Sirocco et le royaume des courants d'air
Feature film
  • Teenage
  • Animated
  • Adventure
Juliette (4) and Carmen (8), two intrepid sisters, are accidentally transported into the kingdom of winds. This fantastical world comes from the...
Les tortues
Feature film
  • Comedy drama
After 35 years as a couple and 15 years of marriage, Thom and Henri live in a house in Les Marolles, a working-class neighbourhood in Brussels, right...
Le syndrome des amours passées
Feature film
  • Comedy
Rémy and Sandra can’t children because they suffer from 'Past Lovers Syndrome'. There’s only one possible cure: sleep with each of their exes one...
L'étoile filante
Feature film
  • Other
The Étoile Filante is a small bar nestled in a corner of Brussels’ old town. It is run by Kayoko, whose quiet demeanour hides an explosive temper...