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photo lycée Emile Max
Type of venue/site: Church / Chapell / cathedral / basilica
Type of architecture: Art Nouveau
Middleclass, Stairs, Exterior, Ironwork, Private
Type of venue/site: Office
Type of architecture: Art Deco
Corridors, Stairs
Type of venue/site: House
Type of architecture: Neoclassicism
Middleclass, Cellar, Stairs, Exterior, Interior, Garden, Londonian, Master house, Parisian, Private, Villa
© Candice Athenais
Type of venue/site: Housing
Type of architecture: Ecclectism, Neo Louis XVI, Neorenaissance, Neoclassicism
Library, Middleclass, Corridors, Stairs, Pond, Entrance-Hall, Garden, Carriage entrance, Private