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Thursday, 27 September 2018
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This Friday, September 28th starts the International Francophone Film Festival, in Namur. The opportunity to tour French cinematographic creation from around the world. And of course, from our own country. Thus, there will be a focus Belgitude in which we find a series of projects supported by the fund. A short tour:


Pour vivre heureux

Sarah, 17, of Algerian origin, lives alone with her father Karim. For the past couple of months, she has had a secret love affair with her best friend's brother, Mashir, 22, of Pakistani origin. Following a work accident, Mashir's uncle comes to live in the neighbourhood with his wife and his daughter, which he now wants to marry off. Barely arrived, he sees Mashir as the ideal son-in-law. And faced with the determination of this fragile man, nobody dares criticise his idea. Despite the love he has for Sarah, Mashir is unable to openly oppose his uncle and risk disappointing his family. The noose is tightening around their relationship and Mashir's fate seems sealed. Sarah, in a last-ditch attempt to save the one she loves, will break taboos and violently disrupt the lives of those around her.



Pour vivre heureux from Dimitri Linder and Salima Sarah Glamine produced by Tarantula 30/09 > 20h45 > Caméo 1 1/10 > 18h15 > Caméo 4



Escapada by Sarah Hirtt. Produced by Artemis 1/10 > 20h45 > Théâtre de Namur 3/10 > 15h30 > La Bourse

Seule à mon mariage

Insolent, spontaneous, funny. Pamela, a young Roma, is different from other women in her community. A single mother, she lives with her grandmother and her little girl in a small hut where the three of them share a bed. How can she reconcile the needs of her two-year old daughter and her dream of freedom?  Pamela embarks on a journey into the unknown, breaking away from the traditions that suffocate her. “Lapin, pizza, amour”. All she has are three words in French and the hope that marriage will change her and her daughter’s destiny.


Seule à mon Mariage from Marta Bergman. Produced by Frakas Production

3/10 > 20h45 > Théâtre de Namur

5/10 > 15h30 > Caméo 4 

The Mercy of the Jungle

In the jungle of Kivu in Congo, Sargent Xavier, a Rwandan war hero, and the young and inexperienced soldier Faustin are in enemy territory where they fight in an unclear war. When the two men lose their battalion, they end up alone and without the resources to face the inextricable Congolese jungle known to be the vastest, densest and most hostile on the continent. Squeezed by the fighting raging around them and where one no longer distinguishes enemies from allies, they do not any choice but to enter into the green hell.Looking for water, food and always looking for a way out, they are exposed to an omnipresent hostility. Alone, they must also confront their own demons.

This film is about war with an antimilitarist discourse, the mercy of the jungle that exposes the gaping wounds left by the confrontations and questions the place of humanity in conflicts.


The Mercy of the Jungle from Joel Karekezi. Produced by Neon Rouge productions

4/10 > 20h45 > Caméo 1

5/10 > 15h15 > Caméo 1

Niet Schieten

During the last attack of the Brabant killers at the Delhaize supermarket in Aalst on 9 November 1985, the young David Van de Steen, 9, watched his parents and his sister get killed in front of him. He was also badly injured and orphaned. His grandparents, Albert and Metje, welcomed their grandson and had the hard task of offering him a future, despite all this loss and grief and many unanswered questions.


Niet Schieten from Stijn Coninx produced by Eyeworks

4/10 > 18h15 > Caméo 4

The Break (season 2)

The summer of 2017. Musso, a small village in the Ardennes surrounded by forest, not far from Heiderfeld. The psychiatrist has a new patient: Dany Bastin, a 29-year-old man, broken by 11 years in prison. Therapy continues when in the village where Dany lives, a disembowelled body is found, that of Astrid Du Tilleul, a rich woman Dany has been working for as a gardener the past few weeks. The police are convinced the man has reoffended. However, the psychiatrist is not convinced. She believes Dany is innocent. She is convinced he has been a victim of a miscarriage of justice 11 years ago, that he does not have the profile of a killer, and that a new miscarriage of justice is about to happen. Alone facing the certainty of the cops and the rigidity of the system, she asks Yoann Peeters to help her. Peeters is reluctant, as he is no longer a cop, but finally accepts out of loyalty. While he discovers elements proving Dany is innocent, Dany admits to murdering Du Tilleul when the police press him for a confession..


The Break  : exclusively,the first 2 episodes of season 2! Produced by Hélicotronc

2/10 > 20h > Caméo 1