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Les apparences

Avatar_valses de vienne
Feature film
Ève and Henri, parents of little Malo, have every reason to be happy. Their lives are seemingly perfect, until the day when Henri succumbs to the charms of their son's teacher. When Ève learns of the affair, her sheltered world comes crashing down...

For a Happy Life

Pour vivre heureux_1_©Tarantula
Feature film
Sarah, 17, of Algerian origin, lives alone with her father Karim. For the past couple of months, she has had a secret love affair with her best friend's brother, Mashir, 22, of Pakistani origin. Following a work accident, Mashir's uncle comes to...

Cool Abdoul

Affiche Cool Abdoul
Feature film
Cool Abdoul is a biopic that traces the chaotic journey of Ismail Abdoul, a talented boxer who will do anything to succeed. Having made headlines in Flanders in the early 2000s, his Mauritanian father Azziz and his Belgian mother Martha raised him...

Clara Sola

Affiche Clara Sola
Feature film
In an isolated village in Costa Rica, Clara, a 30-year-old woman, embarks on a journey to free herself from social and religious conventions and to take control of her sexuality and new powers.

Lost Luggage

Réalisatrice Lost Luggage
Just after the 22 March terrorist attacks at Brussels Airport, airport police inspector Samira Laroussa has to return lost luggage to the victim’s families. It proves to be the hardest job of her career. In doing so, she is faced with prejudice,...


Illustration danseuses
When ballet director Sébastien proposes an early retirement to prima ballerina Zoé, she flatly refuses. The Opera is her home, her family, her life. A legal battle ensues between the ballet director and the prima ballerina. Her strategy for hanging...


Pandore is the story of a collision between justice and politics. It’s also the collision of a man and a woman at a moment of personal crisis, both open Pandora’s box and unleash forces that will inexorably lead to a merciless face-off.

The Window

The Window is a suspenseful prime-time drama that provides an insight into the elite world of professional football and the business dealings that surround it. Following a group of players, agents, club owners, board members and journalists as well...


Feature film
Oleg, a Lithuanian butcher leaves for Brussels in order to earn a decent salary at a local meat factory, yet his hopeful life turns into a desperately hopeless one, when he falls under the control of Polish criminal Andrzej.

Ghost Tropic

Feature film
Hopeful portrait of a Brussels woman. After a long day at work, fifty-eight-year-old Khadija falls asleep on the last subway train. When she wakes up at the end of the line, she has no choice but to make her way home on foot. On her nocturnal...


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