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Feature film
After the resounding success of his first novel ‘Inexorable’, Marcel Bellmer never really managed to deal with success. Years later and after a devastating depression, together with his wife and editor Jeanne Drahi, his daughter Lucie and their dog...

Les apparences

Feature film
Ève and Henri, parents of little Malo, have every reason to be happy. Their lives are seemingly perfect, until the day when Henri succumbs to the charms of their son's teacher. When Ève learns of the affair, her sheltered world comes crashing down...

For a Happy Life

Pour vivre heureux_1_©Tarantula
Feature film
Sarah, 17, of Algerian origin, lives alone with her father Karim. For the past couple of months, she has had a secret love affair with her best friend's brother, Mashir, 22, of Pakistani origin. Following a work accident, Mashir's uncle comes to...

La vierge à l'enfant

La-vierge-a-l-enfant1- ©PlayTimeFilms
Feature film
Young Yazidi Kurd immigrant Avesta is seven months pregnant. Freshly escaped from the hellish underworld of ISIS, she has just one thought in mind: getting revenge on the man who forced her into slavery. When she arrives in Brussels, she locates and...


Photo Reines et Logo Need production
Feature film
Casablaca, Morocco. Zineb is 27 years old. She's a repeat offender and is incarcerated. When she finds out that her 9-year-old daughter Inès is going to be taken out of school and placed in a child protection centre, she escapes from prison and...

Le bleu du caftan

Feature film
Halim has been married for a long time to Mina, with whom he runs a traditional caftan store in the medina of Salé, in Morocco. The couple has always lived with Halim's secret, his homosexuality, which he has learned to keep quiet. Mina's illness...


Mary_Benedicte_01-jk ©Jimmy Kets
Feature film
In the heart of the Amazon, Saor, a young, androgynous native, returns to his village to bury the woman who was his mistress. Valentina has taken her secrets to her grave. By meeting the people who were her friends, Saor immerses himself in their...

La bête dans la jungle

Feature film
La bête dans la jungle, a free adaptation of Henry James' novella The Beast in the Jungle, tells the story of a dizzying 'huis clos': in an enormous nightclub, a man and a woman spend twenty-five years lying in wait for a mysterious event. From 1979...


Petites ©Rayuela_prod
Feature film
Petites is a free-narrative account of the Dutroux case, told by that generation of children, now adults, who were exposed to sexual abuse in their homes. Their memories have changed over time, deformed by the media’s lens and by their child’s eyes...


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