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Tuesday, 13 April 2021

From Berlin to Shanghai, from Nike to Lexus, via Apple and Carlsberg, the Brussels-based media production and distribution company HAMLET has millions of views on its productions, which are widely distributed in China. A look at the career of two Belgian talents, Ruben Goots and Jason Felstead.

For many years, the famous Brussels production company HAMLET has been seducing the Asian market. It has had an office in Shanghai since 2020.

The films and commercials produced by HAMLET stand out from those produced by most production companies because of their quality and originality, but above all because of the emotion they arouse in the audience. HAMLET's creations are very popular in China, but not only there. It is not for nothing that HAMLET has already won nearly 30 international awards for the quality and originality of its productions. During the 2018 World Cup, the Nike spot designed by Hamlet generated more than 170 million views in 5 days and was the Nike spot with the highest number of online views in the world at the time of its broadcast.

HAMLET is a superb example of the success of a project born in Brussels over the last decade. At the helm are two people who have already made their mark on the Belgian audiovisual industry. Ruben Goots has won the 'Special Merit Award by the Belgian Advertising Association'. Jason Felstead has already worked with a number of well-known directors, including Arnaud Uyttenhove from Brussels and Jaco Van Dormael.

The opening of their offices in Shanghai, in addition to those in Brussels (2015) and Berlin (2018), augurs well for the future of this Brussels-based production company, which has a global reach.

Finally, it should be noted that the installation in China was carried out in good understanding with locals representatives, particularly on the occasion of the Belgian Economic Mission to China in November 2019



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