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Bridges bozar

As a new pillar, Bridges will host an unique event titled Bridge Festival Industry Day dedicated to better understanding of cooperation prospects and production patterns in countries on Europe’s eastern bridge. The event will be conceived in a Panel Discussion format bringing together key production professionals from various countries covered by the Festival. 

For its first edition panel discussion will focus on producers/film executives from Ukraine and Georgia. It will also include European producers with solid experience of working on co-productions in relevant territories. Via animated discussion, audience will understand how national producers operate in their own territories, what are margins of financial contributions when devising co-productions; which internationally known films have been shot in concerned territories – its strengths and weaknesses. 

In presence of: Ketie Danelia (GE), Guillaume de Seille (FR), Ivo Felt (EE), Denis Ivanov (UA), Vladimer Katcharava (GE), Julia Synkevich (UA), Darya Zhuk (BY).
Moderated by Tamara Tatishvili (GE).

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