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Hoodie is a series about 16-year-old Pieter, an impassioned traceur who, together with some new friends, starts using his parkour talents to fight crime in his Brussels neighbourhood, like a modern-day Robin Hood.

Faits réels

Throughout history women have had to fight against injustice in a society that gives them less rights than it does men or have experienced personal drama that have made them figureheads of public battles. These anonymous women never gave up and have...


Have you ever imagined that one day, suddenly the tips of your fingers become invisible? You hallucinate and don’t believe it. However, it evolves slowly but surely. Little by little, you witness your own disappearance: invisible yet still there.

Undercover, Season 2

Kim asks for Bob's help with a new case against international arms dealers operating in Belgium. It is the start of the most dangerous and personal case Bob has ever had. As well, his past threatens to catch up with him.


Arcanes © BelugaTree
Arcanes se passe dans une petite ville industrielle au début des années 90. Elle raconte les jeux d’appartenance et de pouvoir de trois familles, à travers leurs drames, leurs deuils et leurs secrets. Clémence Rosier (47), blanche et bourgeoise, est...

Les indociles

Delphine Lehericey
Jura, 1973. Lulu, Joe and Chiara have a solid friendship. Over four decades, they free themselves from the shackles of society and create a communal and pioneering place: the Ferme des Indociles. The trio spend their lives side-by-side trying to...

In the labyrinth of lies

In 1985, Paul is living in East Berlin, the capital of the GDR. He is staying with his grandmother Liese. Paul‘s parents had attempted to flee with him to the West two years before. The parents were caught and sent to prison, while Paul was forced...

Les amateurs

Mauvaise Pioche is the adventure of a colorful duo formed by two characters who are at odds with each other. One (François Damiens) is reckless, boastful and somewhat oblivious; the other (Vincent Dedienne) is thoughtful, cautious and slightly...


Bibi and Ama are two lesbian friends in their early twenties. In the hope of becoming a better version of themselves, they move in together in a flat in Brussels. Each in their own way under the same roof, they come to one new conclusion: coming out...


By observing the world at that time through the eyes of Marie-Antoinette, we discover who she was, what she thought and what she felt. Far from the usual image of a young, selfish and superficial queen, this series paints the portrait of an...


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