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Feature film
After the resounding success of his first novel ‘Inexorable’, Marcel Bellmer never really managed to deal with success. Years later and after a devastating depression, together with his wife and editor Jeanne Drahi, his daughter Lucie and their dog...


Feature film
Seen through the eyes of the street dog that became the world’s first four-legged celebrity who traveled to the North Pole in a Zepplin, Titina tells a true-ish story of glory and defeat.

Les apparences

Avatar_valses de vienne
Feature film
Ève and Henri, parents of little Malo, have every reason to be happy. Their lives are seemingly perfect, until the day when Henri succumbs to the charms of their son's teacher. When Ève learns of the affair, her sheltered world comes crashing down...

Petit Samedi

Damien Samedi © Michigan Films
Feature film
This is the story of the daily struggles and little joys of Damien Samedi at the heart of a small Walloon village with incredible inhabitants. Stuck in the twists and turns of addiction, this effervescent man wavers between emptiness and euphoria,...

Etienne Davignon

Feature film
This documentary on Étienne Davignon is an analysis of the last 50 years of European history, from decolonisation through the Cold War right up to the creation of Europe from the privileged viewpoint of one its key players. It features interviews...


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