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Thursday, 5 December 2019

Over the next few months, will be introducing you to the municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region. A possible source of inspiration for your next location?

We stay in the north of the Region, introducing Jette, a lesser-known town with a lot of charm.

Both urban and rural, Jette experienced a relatively late urbanization in the 20th century. South of the railway, it consists of a quite recent architectural heritage. The northern half of the municipality, on the other hand, is still very green and not very densely built, with a variety of parks and greens.

A large part of the territory of Jette has retained a very natural and “countryside” character. There are two woods, Dieleghem and Laerbeek, as well as an educational farm. As we move eastwards towards Laeken (City of Brussels), the landscape transforms and becomes sports fields, leisure areas and gardens, for example the King Baudouin Park.

A stone's throw from this park, the centre of Jette evolved around the old village, with its central square, Place Cardinal Mercier. It includes an eclectic late 19th century train station (still in use), a church and many cafés and breweries. Another lively and charming square is Queen Astrid Square (known as the Miroir Square). These two large public squares have recently been completely renovated.

As you get closer to its neighbouring towns, Koekelberg and Molenbeek, Jette boasts more recent buildings (interbellum), including a very rich Art Deco heritage. Worthy of note, several well-known artists have lived in these parts: the famous Belgian painter René Magritte, whose house, now a museum, can still be visited; the comic book artist Jean Roba, father of "Boule & Bill"; and the master glassmaker Fernand Crickx, who owned both a personal house and a workshop.

However, Maison Magritte is not the only cultural institution in Jette. There are two cultural centres (one French-speaking and the other Dutch-speaking), the 34zero Muzeum, the Dieleghem abbey...

Last but not least, Jette also houses a surprising monument, in the middle of the town and nestled in a small park: a replica of the cave of Lourdes!

We warmly recommend this municipality!

Useful info for filming in Jette
Timeframe : 10 working days
Fees :
      Filming : free.
      Parking : 75,40 € / day / sign + 15,21/ day+1/ sign+1


Chez Soje

Jette cemetery

Heymbosch social housing

Drève des Rivieren



Bla Bla square

Jules Lahaye


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