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Former STIB repair shop


1000 Bruxelles

Type of architecture

Art Nouveau

Type of venue/site

Warehouse / depository
Store chain
Public transport


1 800m²-1 815m²

Built in 1875, the Cureghem workshop is located in the center of the city near the Gare du Midi. This building was completely renovated in 1941 by the architect L. Van Hove and was then used by the STIB as a repair shop until 2019. On the first floor, there are pits and a former paint tunnel that were used for the repair of some streetcar models (+/- 1800m²). The upper floors were occupied by various industrial and storage premises used for the maintenance/storage of small spare parts. A large dining hall is also located on the second floor and could accommodate 200 people. On the same floor there is also a 115m² terrace with a view on the Palace of Justice.

Owner of the building, the STIB has planned to renovate it completely from the end of 2024. Until the beginning of the works, this site can be rented, entirely or partially, as a place for film, clip or advertising shooting. Each request must first be sent to the STIB's Communication Department for validation.


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