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As indicated by the Directorate General of Air Traffic (DGTA), it is normally forbidden to fly your drone in the public space, especially above and around inhabited areas of cities and towns. The authorizations issued by the BCAA/DGTA also clearly state that "it is the responsibility (of the applicant) to ensure that he has requested and obtained all the necessary authorizations, approvals and derogations in order to undertake the operations envisaged".

Filming images using a drone requires authorization from the DGTA and that of the municipalities concerned, which are competent to authorize take-off, landing and shooting in the public space.

In practice :
1. Obtain an agreement from DGTA, Directorate General of Air Traffic (SPF mobility).
2. Obtain the authorization of the administrative authority of the city / town.

The organizer:

  • Will have to provide accurate timing and geolocation.
  • Will be responsible for each flight.
  • Will have to consider the privacy of everyone.
  • The drone must remain in view of the pilot at each moment of the flight.
  • Must maintain a safe distance of 50m from each person, a crowd of people or property, overflight of people being prohibited.
  • For landing and take-off: a security perimeter shall be provided with material means.
  • No flight in controlled airspace, above risk areas such as industrial sites, nuclear facilities, prisons, embassies, national institutions - supranational and other places listed on the list of services from police.
  • It is forbidden to fly directly over roads.

The following activities with drones are prohibited by DGTA:

  • Flights out of sight of the pilot or by one of the two RPA observers.
  • Flights at an altitude over 300ft of 90m.
  • Night flights.
  • Passenger transport
  • The transport of mail or cargo.
  • The flights in the air corridors.
  • The jet of objects or the spraying of products during the flight.
  • Towing.
  • Acrobatic flights and flights in formation.

General regulations
Royal Decree - 10 APRIL 2016. - Royal Decree on the use of remotely piloted aircraft in Belgian airspace - publication 2016-04-15

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