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The cluster is the gateway for all audiovisual entrepreneurs in the Brussels-Capital Region. Its role of providing support and expertise helps entrepreneurs handle formalities for development, production and co-production, financing, distribution and sales according to their actual needs.

The cluster also advises people with audiovisual projects in their search for partners and international opportunities.

Since May 2016, the cluster is part of the umbrella organisation, which includes four entities: cluster, fund, business and film commission

For audiovisual entrepreneurs, there are two types of business models:

Classic audiovisual (film/television/animation/series), which has well-known structural issues: greater possibilities offered by the Tax Shelter, greater roles for screenwriters, development of new distribution strategies, etc.
The classic sector also enjoys great expertise and international recognition in production, post-production and special effects.

Innovative audiovisual (gaming/VR/transmedia/webseries), which deals with more complex structural issues: lots of start-ups, new business models, although growth opportunities are very big and place Brussels at the forefront in this field. The cluster’s activities aim to accelerate the emergence and chances of success for these innovative companies.


Over the 400 entreprises active in audiovisual activities in Brussels region, the cluster gathers 160. In total, media and audiovisual activities represents 15,000 jobs in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Profils of the members:

  • 71 producers (43%)
  • 53 post-producers (38%)
  • 10 services providers
  • 6 small broadcaster (-10%) 
  • 5 big broadcasters diffuseurs (-10%)  
  • 15 others (10%)

The cluster can also count on an extended network of private and public partners:

  • Universities and high schools (ULB, VUB, INSAS,…)
  • Professionals organisations (UPFF, ASA, SACD)
  • Public Institutions (CCA, VAF,.)
  • Support R&D (Innoviris,
  • Partners for internationalization (BIE, Wbimages, Screen Flanders)
  • Professionals associations (Flega, Walga, BEVR,…)

The cluster’s Board is the only sharing platform among all the major audiovisual players in Brussels and Belgium, whether public or private (European, federal, community and regional, institutional or private): RTBF, RTL, CCA, VAF, UPFF, UB&BV, SACD, ASA, INSAS and ULB. The cluster’s Board performs strategic and technological monitoring of the industry, identifying needs and problems, and offering a unique sharing platform in Brussels.