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Solvay Library

"This is a magnificent venue created by the vision of one man, Ernest Solvay, in this ancient sociology institute where scientists from around the world came together to share their thoughts and ideas. In this park, Nobel Prize scientists such as Einstein and Bohr gathered for the famous Solvay Conferences. No wonder the venue resonates with brilliant minds!"

Pentahotel Brussels City Centre

Located in the heart of Brussels (a few minutes from Gare du Midi station), the Pentahotel offers a cosy, lifestyle atmosphere.

- 202 spacious rooms including 7 suites. They are all equipped with an XXL bed and a rain shower.

- 120 parking spaces for mini-vans and cars

- a location in front of the hotel for a drop-off and pick-up bus

- meeting rooms that can be used for rehearsals/HMC

- a reception desk, open 24 hours a day

- a fitness room, open 24 hours a day

- a dedicated sales representative for each group

Wiltcher's Steigenberger

The prestige hotel Steigenberger Wiltcher's (former Conrad Hotel) is located on the Avenue Louise, close to Place Stéphanie and the Brussels inner ring road. Straddling the municipalities of Saint-Gilles and Brussels, a mixture of neo-classical (1913) and post-modern (1972) styles, it is a fine example of the typical architecture of one of the most elegant avenues in Brussels.

Villa Bens

Beautiful family villa, with a large garden, garage, workshop, sports ground, swimming pool and a small henhouse. Stone and brick-built turret in the garden. Inside, large living room, office/library, open-plan kitchen opening onto a large dining room and veranda, several bedrooms (including a "cottage") and bathrooms.

La Bellone

La Bellone is dedicated to the performing arts and is located in the heart of Brussels. At the centre of its activities is a glass-roofed courtyard with a baroque façade, built at the dawn of the 18th century by Jean Cosyn, architect-sculptor of the Grand-Place. This majestic courtyard of 198m2 is an ideal and renovated site which could be of interest in the creation of tailor-made and innovative spaces sheltered from bad weather.

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A former Anglican church (Church of the Resurrection, 1874), desacralized since the 1950s, the Spirito is a nightclub and event venue.

The building has two floors for events, toilets and storerooms in the basement, 4 different bars, as well as many modular spaces that can accommodate from 20 to 650 people.
The hall has with state-of-the-art equipment (motorized spotlights, DJ kit, confetti cannon, LED screens, ...). There are also kitchens with electric service lift.


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