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Printer-friendly version Thu, 21/01/2021 - 16:47 to 18:00
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Let's talk about the future of our industry

We invite you to the discussion: Crisis is the mother of opportunity about the challenges our sector is facing for the coming years. This virtual event will be built on the shared experience of two international experts, Tomas Eskilsson and Johanna Koljonen, hosted by Kirsten Lemaire (VRT). They'll touch upon their respective work on the matter, The Pandemic and Cinema strategy paper, and the Nostradamus Initiative a multiyear international initiative to document and analyze industry changes and make projections for the future.

During our first talks, we'll make sure you'll have the opportunity to participate, react, and share your thoughts. And we'll (briefly) present yearly achievements.

With the participation of: Rudi Vervoort, Barbara Trachte & Pascal Smet